Supply Chain Management (3PL & 4PL)

By integrating the many parts of your supply chain effectively, and aligning it with your business’s financial plan, you can significantly improve your efficiency and lower costs. This will improve your financial performance and hence your competitiveness in the market.

Ports Shipping have a dedicated logistics team to manage all your supply chain solutions (3PL & 4PL), our team delivers best practice in supply chain design. Whether it be from the other side of the globe or locally we have the right team that can deliver best practice solutions in supply chain modelling, freight planning and management and network and warehouse design.

Ports Shipping form strategic relationships with our customers ensuring we deliver a solution that creates value by finding smarter ways to manage end-to-end relationships, product movements and information flows across customer operations, from their suppliers, through to their end customers.

Our solutions will deliver lower operating costs, more reliable and flexible service delivery, efficient environmentally friendly fleets, best practice low cost warehousing solutions, and effective inventory management by optimisation technologies with best practices in operating processes, warehouse management systems and materials handling equipment. Ports Shipping is recognised as an industry leader with personal relationships where you the customer is number one. We are small enough to care and large enough to deliver the solutions you require.

Our Expertise

  • Supply chain assessment, review and audit
  • inventory management planning, including demand forecasting, inventory classification and materials requirements planning (MRP) projections
  • technology, materials handling and equipment innovation
  • supply chain strategy and distribution network design
  • site location and lay-out optimisation
  • transport optimisation
  • cost to serve analysis
  • business case development and sensitivity analysis
  • supply chain planning and management in remote or challenging locations, including locations without existing infrastructure
  • continuous improvement analysis and implementations
  • sourcing strategy and landed cost analysis
  • supply chain process review and design

Supply Chain Management Capabilities

  • We have substantial experience operating in remote areas and regions where the transport and logistics infrastructure is underdeveloped or even non-existing.
  • We can assist you in planning, setting up and managing your entire supply chain or parts thereof, or deliver end-to-end solutions according to your requirements.
  • We help your supply chain deliver results at low cost, at expected service levels, and at low working capital levels.
  • Find out more in our general capabilities section.

Some of the industries we deliver supply chain solutions to are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Oil & Gas
  • Defence
  • Retail
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