Humanitarian Aid & Diplomatic Cargo Clearances

It is our proud and privilege that World’s best organization, diplomats relies on us for the services they require specially when the cargo is needed at the destination very quickly. In case of Humanitarian Aid’s, it is very much desired as the goods/ cargo is required to meet the emergency situation.

However, goods sent as humanitarian aid are most typically subject to necessary inspection by some of the relevant inspection services (sanitary, phytosanitary, veterinary) or it requires special approval from relevant Ministry or Medicines and Medical Devices Agency). Unfortunately, inspection services are not available at all entry points, so waiting for approval of the aid can be caused by that fact and not by inefficiency of customs service. For that reason, one should pay special attention to where and in what intervals the mentioned inspection services are on duty in order to avoid additional waiting.  In this regard, our team of experts handles this very delicately to ensure the cargo is not stuck at the destination for more than 24 hours to comply with documentations requirement, hence, with knowledge and vast experience our team completes all the process, relevant approvals well in advance.

Certificate that is provided by diplomatic and consular offices DOES NOT acquit goods from necessary inspection controls (sanitary, phytosanitary, veterinary)! Those controls must be conducted in order to protect health and safety of citizens of the importing country.


  • The certificate obtained in diplomatic-consular offices EXEMPTS the goods from obligatory checking by the inspection services (sanitary, phytosanitary, veterinarian)! – FALSE
  • Humanitarian aid must enter the country FAST and WITHOUT INSPECTION! – FALSE
  • Humanitarian aid CAN enter the country on any border checkpoint without approvals! – FALSE
  • Formalities related to humanitarian aid import are FINISHED at the ENTRY POINT! – FALSE
  • Goods intended for sale CAN be registered as humanitarian aid, or be smuggled with the humanitarian aid! – FALSE
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