Customs Clearances (Import, Export, Free Zone Cargo)

Ports Shipping in Award Winning company from Dubai Customs for recognizing its efforts to proper documentations, inline with rules and regulations of United Arab Emirates. We Provide Customs Clearance services across all the ports, entry and exits points of UAE (SEA, Land & AIR).

Ports Shipping has dedicated team with an extensive knowledge of Customs Laws, regulations, Procedures, we ensure you to perform the customs clearance efficiently, effectively and expeditiously for all sorts and types of shipments. We are having expertise to clear and deliver general items, foodstuffs, chemical, medical, electronics and electrical as well as customs clearance services for cars and machines, diplomatic, humanitarian aid cargo to name few. We assist and guide our clients to prepare all documents inline with customs requirements as per the origin/ destination customs authority.

For customs related activity, we do provide 24 x 7 services, with this we ensure the client gets their valued goods on time to keep rolling the supply chain. We also provide services of obtaining approvals from MOFA, CID, Police for shipments having restrictions for export/ imports to embargo countries.

Documents Required for Import (Personal/ Commercial Shipment) as follows;

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill.
  • Authorization Letter.
  • Health Certificate, Lab Reports for Food Stuff.
  • Prior approvals and necessary permits, if its restricted shipment.
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