Aircraft/ Vessel Operators/ Charterers Agents

Ports Shipping has agency, networks, expertise and offers a wide range of charter solutions for the transportation of heavy and outsize items that be accommodated into the standard and commercial/ passenger aircrafts, such as oil industry equipment, aircraft engines, stage sets and armoured oversized vehicles. We can source a range of aircraft to move heavy and outsize cargo as follows;

  • Nose-loading freighters
  • Rear-loading freighters
  • Ramp-loading aircraft
  • Aircraft with onboard cranes

In addition to the above, when it comes to VESSEL CHARTERING, is well recognized and distinguished in the vessel chartering industry. Through vast networks, agency contracts, direct contacts with vessel owners and brokers, our vessel charter team is specialized to identify and procure right vessel in right time of moment, which meets or exceeds our valued clients operational/ commercial interest. From procuring the vessel to on-site inspection at discharging port, we offer a door-to-door chartering services to our clients;

  • We are specialized in Landing Craft.
  • Small Size/ Parcel vessels.
  • Bulk & Freight Cargo.
  • Heavy & Industrial Lifts.
  • Military, Defence & Armoured Cargo.
  • Full & part vessel cargo.
  • Time/ Voyage Charters.
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